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Dixie Phillips

I am a 2006 graduate of Madison School of Massage Therapy in Madison, Alabama.
State and nationally certified LMT #2151

Every 2 years we must complete 16 to 24 additional hours of training.


I specialize in ACE Massage Cupping Therapy.  (See rest of site)

and Equine Massage and Somantic


I have been married to my wonderful husband Chris since 1977.  We raised two son's, and have five grandchildren.


After a horse accident in 2007, where I broke the neck of my talus (ankle) in half, I was told I could lose the foot, or have multiple surgeries, and possibly never walk again without the aid of a cane.  I immediately started massaging and doing energy work on my foot and leg.  After 3 months of caring for myself and doing the exercises they gave me, I amazed the Dr with my recovery.  Now, years later, I can walk with no help, no cane.  I am a walking testimony to what massage therapy can do to help heal yourself.


I have been riding horses over 30 years.  


My father was a Chief in the Navy for 22 years.   My mother was a 4 year Marine and they raised six daughters.  They were married 62 years before passing in 2008.


I love helping people to help themselves to a better quality of life.

Thank you for visiting my site.  I am currently not accepting new clients unless referred by Chiropractor or Doctor.  I can direct you another LMT.








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