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Benefits of Equine Massage and Equine Somantic





                                                 Physical Benefits

Strengthens and regulates the horse's respiratory, circulatory, immune, and gastrointestinal functions.

Relaxes and soothes the horse's nervous system

Relieves muscle tension and increases range of motion

Breaks up any scar tissue and compensation patterns

Accelerates recovery from soft tissue injury

Improves muscle tone and wellness

Strengthens and boosts the horse's immune system

Increases cardiovascular circulation

Decreases the production of stress hormones

Removes toxins and waste buildup in the body by increasing lymphatic circulation

Improves performance and enhances the quality of the horse's movement

Aids in digestion

Improves muscular flexibility

Decreases inflammation in the joints and releases endorphins, or hormones, both of which alleviate pain

                          Emotional Benefits

Communication is Enhanced between horse & therapist or owner

Relieves stress and anxiety

Helps horse's move from a Sympathetic (stressed) state to the Parasympathetic (Relaxed) state

Enhances the horse's mental acuity and clarity

Improve the horse's ability to learn

Enchances the horse's sense of touch and provides a wealth of fascinating sensory experience

Dters separation anxiety from being stalled for long periods of time

Encourages a special, focused time for bonding and interaction

Improves understanding of the horse's behavior and nonverbal cues

Increases the owner's ability to calm a stressed out or sick horse


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