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Definitely the best professional massage I've ever had.  I'll be going back for more!

Gary C/Madison, AL


Dixie is a very talented massage therapist.  She very knowledgeable and will go out of her way to help you with your particular pain or issue.  She has been my massage therapist for nearly 3 years  and  always listens to my issues on that visit and caters my massage to my current needs. I am a new to medicupping but so far I have been very impressed with the results.  Dixie is very knowledgeable on this technique and it provides a new alternative to a traditional deep tissue massage.  The variety of benefits that are available with this technique are unbelievable and I am looking forward to trying them all!  I would highly recommend Dixie to anyone who wants a great, professional massage.

Kristina Bell/HSV, AL



I have experienced deep tissue massage, Swedish relaxation massage, and MediCupping from Dixie at Dixie's Sunrise Massage. Her work has relieved my neck, back, and headache pain on numerous occasions. Most recently I got to experience the phenomenal results of MediCupping. I left feeling light and somewhat euphoric. I woke up the next morning feeling invigorated and refreshed. Dixie's techniques are beneficial and highly recommended!

Aimee Thomas/HSV, AL



"After my session with Dixie where she used Massage Cupping, my body felt lighter and more open. It felt as if everything in the areas she worked on was flowing freely and moving without restriction. Additionally, it reduced pain and discomfort significantly. The psychological effect I noticed from this physical openness was wonderful- mentally, I felt settled and relaxed. I would highly recommend this technique to anyone looking to reduce stress and increase freedom of movement."

Holley Porter Wright/HSV, AL


I went to dixie's sunrise massage because I had a frozen shoulder.  I had been going to physical therapy for months with no relief.  She got in there and worked the right muscles.  I'm here today able to type, fix my hair and all the other things because she took the time to really care. Her skills are awesome!

Bonnie Ramsey/Trussville, AL


Cherie Welch posted on Dixie's Sunrise Massage Therapy's timeline
"I would like to express my delight with Dixie's cupping message, medicupping. I spent an hour in her office and feel better than I have felt in years. I suffer with fibromyalgia and am on total disability due to the associated pain.
Dixie was able to PINPOINT areas of concern and worked the MOST distressed points. The blood flow in my body was improved in minutes. I walked away euphoric and in much less pain. This is my first visit. I am going to do the body cleansing to help stimulate my organs and then I'm going straight back to Dixie for her to work on my tummy and major joints. CANNOT WAIT!!!


Email received:

I was on vacation in Huntsville. I was having pain in my arm and neck and could not lift my arm at times because of pain.  I had been told at home by a massage therapist that my lymph nodes were swollen. I called Dixie for a massages and she used a cuping technique on me. I can now lift my arm and the pain is gone. halalua!!! Love you Dixie......thanks.

S.J./Dayton, Ohio

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